1 Oct 2013

Back in 2013-2014 I lived in India for a while, as a part of a work related foreign assignment. In Maharastra, a state in the western peninsula of the subcontinent.

So, suddenly I simply found myself there, just arrived and still very much jetlagged, staring at one of the famous aspects of India: a cow roaming the street, unperplexed and undisturbed. What an odd thing, I thought. That was just the beginning of a series of cognitive and sensory bombardments to come.

Café Goodluck
6 Oct 2013

Pune, 150 km East from Mumbai, is one of the larger melting pots in India, partly thanks to its status as a educational and IT hub. The city is considered to be the cultural capital of the Maharashtra state.

One example of that cultural diversity is the Good Luck Café, an Iranian café established in 1935; located close to the colleges, it’s particularly popular among the youngsters.

Yard maintenance
6 Oct 2013

And then there was that time when I exited the apartment complex and was greeted by this curious occurrence of yard maintenance.

Evening market
3 Oct 2013

As evening descends, and the scorching sun has set, the people of Baner gather at the local street markets.

Under construction
12 Oct 2013

The suburb of Baner was still 15 years ago considered an agricultural one, but with the rise of the IT industry it has become one of the residential and commercial hubs of a steadily developing Pune.

Looming expansion
14 Oct 2013

A scene of stark contrast; a plate shack sitting in the shadow of a construction crane, resting ominously overhead and emitting that cold blue light.

Tiger point
28 Nov 2013

A two-hour drive from Pune lies Lonavala and its peak, known as Tiger Point; a 650-meter high hilltop overlooking a lush green valley.

Food stand
14 Oct 2013

Young entrepreneurs in the evening scene of Baner, Pune.

Diwali in Hadapsar pt.1
4 Nov 2013

I was invited to attend the Diwali festivities in the town of Hadapsar, on the outskirts of Pune. Being a foreigner, in a part of the city that rarely sees ones, I found myself in the limelight for most of the evening. I’m more used to being the observer that the observee, so it certainly was a bit exotic for me as well.

During the celebrations for that festival of light, I was invited to the residence of Nanda and her husband. We shared some beers and discussed about life in India and the world outside. It was an unlikely and beautiful encounter, and a good reminder of why travelling is an enriching experience.

Diwali in Hadapsar pt.2
4 Nov 2013

Diwali, the festival of lights, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It brings families together, and features a gargantuan amount of fireworks.

Flight of the Egrets
23 Nov 2013

One overnight bus ride away from Pune is the renowned state of Goa; another good location if you want to get away from the metropolitan bustle.

Wanderer’s sunset
30 Mar 2014

A lone wayfarer descends the hills of Lonavala at dusk; the sun approaching the horizon at an increasing pace.

Come dawn, it will beckon the wanderer back; a siren’s chant none of his disposition can ignore.

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