Advisor & occasional photographer

Markus Meyer is a marketing and business strategy advisor by profession, and an avid photographer by hobby. He's based in Finland, but travels the world whenever the opportunity arises.


Markus has for the last 20 years been on what looks to be a life-long mission to find his personal meaning in photography. Always the humble observer, his style conveys the importance of slowing down for a moment and remaining mindful of one's surroundings.

This mission has taken him to many corners of the world, with all too many remaining to be discovered. Take a look at what views he has captured so far.


Extensive experience in has led to Markus functioning as an advisor in the field of business strategy, digital marketing and operational facilitation.

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That click you hear as the mirror flips up, exposing the view you’ve just framed up to whatever means you have of recording it, is a satisfying sound. It is the sound of triumph; you’ve managed to compose and capture your vision. Something to cherish and share with others.


What guides me in photography

Put nature first, even if it means missing the shot - take only photos, leave only footprints

Look for the light

Aesthetics are personal – stay true to your style regardless of superficial trends

Look before you shoot – you're the one taking the photo, not the camera

Photoshop is not photography – apply only limited processing to photos

Editing is choosing and it is an art – always tighten your curation

Don't worry about cameras, but understand the one you use

Inspiration: Henri Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Vincent Munier, Bruce Percy, Grant Scott

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